Thursday, 19 August 2010

SAVARA 1.0.0.Final Released

We are pleased to announce that version 1.0.0.Final of SAVARA has been released.

This is the first release of the SAVARA project, which aims to deliver a methodology and tools to support the concept of Testable Architecture. This first release provides the following:

1) An initial version of the Testable Architecture methodology. This can be found on the Savara documentation page. It provides guidance on the type of artifacts that should be defined at each stage of the software development lifecycle, and how these can be used in a testable manner. The Getting Started Guide provides an illustration of how this methodology can be applied in the context of the distributed samples.

2) Design-time tool capabilities include:

a) Integration with pi4soa WS-CDL choreography and scenario design tools, with simulation support for testing scenarios against a choreography

b) BPMN (version 1) export from a Choreography (currently just used for documentation purposes)

c) HTML documentation generation from a Choreography

d) WSDL generation from a Choreography

e) WS-BPEL generation from a Choreography (created as a JBoss Tools compatible BPEL project for deployment in RiftSaw)

3) Runtime capabilities include:

a) JBossESB service validation against a Choreography

The release can be found on the download page as a binary distribution, containing documentation, samples and the runtime service validation components, and an Eclipse update site for the design-time tools. Pre-requisites and installation instructions can be found in the Getting Started Guide.