Thursday 8 November 2012

Savara 2.1 Milestone 2 supports Switchyard Java service simulation

The first milestone introduced generation of Switchyard Java services. This milestone has focused on enhancing that support with the generation of additional transformers (to support execution of the service) and the ability to simulate scenarios against the service implementation.

The other significant new feature is the ability to create a BPMN2 choreography from a set of endpoint models (currently only BPEL supported). For example, if you have a set of BPEL process definitions that represent the behaviour associated with each of the interacting parties, then you can now reverse engineer the choreography that represents the global (service neutral) view of the overall business transaction.

The release also includes many improvements and bug fixes. For the full details please see:

To download the tools, please visit the Savara downloads page and follow the installation instructions. This release is available from the Development Milestone update site.

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